About Me

Lots of people have kids. Even more people have pets.... I have a blog. This is my blog baby. You will make me happy if you read it and tell me what an adorable little baby I have made =)

I'm a Montana girl at heart. I like being outside and playing in the dirt. I have endless passion for the outdoors. I take pleasure in sharing my excitement with my fellow adventures, including my Action Figure Mascot Grandpa Max. You'll see a lot of him here.

In 2005, I established a life goal to travel to a new country every year, and this blog began as a way for me to document those travels. Over time, the blog has evolved as my activities and priorities have changed. I still travel, but my status as a Weekend Warrior has dominated my posts of late.

I consider myself a Runner, Skier, Climber, Blogger, and LIFE enthusiast. Some of my favourite things to write about include: Running Race Results and Advice, Educational Climbing Posts, Less-Than-Educational Climbing Posts, My Surprising Ability to Catastrophically Injure My Face, and of course, My Quest to Ski As Many Months in a Row As I Possibly Can.

Thanks for visiting!



Bruce said...

You have a beautiful baby, obviously takes after her mother.

I'm glad you enjoyed our road signs. Come back some time, we change them all the time!


Jonah said...

Why do I not see an easy "Follow" icon???

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Great stuff. Wish I turned out as adventurous. Miss and love Montana.

Matthew Little

Kristina said...

Holy Cow! Matthew Little! Of 4th grade and Goldenstein Lane Fame?!?! I'm so glad you found me - please shoot me and email or find me on Facebook. I would LOVE to catch up with you. I think about you every time I go home and drive past our old haunts. Hope all is well with you.

Penny said...

Thanks for sharing Kristina.