07 April 2018

Turns All Year: Month 77

Pink. Fluffy. Attention grabbing. This brings the party wherever it goes. I can think of about a million good reasons to wear one, and exactly zero reasons not to.

I’ve skied for the last 78 months in a row, and my trusty companion has been with me through it all. Why do I wear a tutu when I ski in the backcountry? Why the hell wouldn’t I?

Cold? This will keep your tooshie toasty-warm. Uncomfortable? Lay down with this under your head and you’ll be fast asleep in no time. Suffer a bad fall where get a massive gash on your leg ad sustain a broken arm? Have no fear! This doubles as both gauze AND a sling.

Here’s a look at the adventures we shared together in March 2018 for Turns All Year month 77:

Summit Central Skimo Race - March 1
Yay for good friends and terrible ideas!

Mount Baker Birthday Ski - March 3
Shuksan is out!

What's you looking at?

Tony has the longest arms so he has to take the photo!

Alpental - March 10
Sunshine smiles!

Busted taking a shot!

We are so happy to have ditched Jordan! (Finally!)

Tatoosh Backcountry - March 25
The all-important whippet belay.

Tatoosh crew while the sun was still out: Anthony, Erik, Me, Jordan, & Tab.

Then the snow went away and it started NUKING!

Slot Couloir bail to ski Hyak in the rain (just long enough to make it count) - March 30
So extreme(ly wet)! 

Honorable Mention: Mailbox Peak Hike - March 10
I glissaded down a good portion of the boulder field. On accident. It almost counts as skiing.

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