09 November 2017

Close Your Face: 6 Years of Turns All Year

#TeamTutu: Reporting for duty!

It was the type of day that was so fun you spent its entirety with your face gaping open.

I've been skiing at least one day a month for the last 71 months, and this trip was my only chance for turns in October. My earlier-in-the-month plans had been foiled by a stomach bug, sidelining me on the very day I planned to take off work to go skiing. There's nothing worse than calling in sick for a ski day. Lucky for me I have great friends who are always stoked to go skiing, so we made plans to hit up Zee Mountain the Sunday before Halloween.

I met my Nikki and Cory at a parking lot in Auburn to carpool the final two hours to Mt. Rainier. Recent visitors were reporting prime corn skiing in October, so we were understandably hopeful, yet skeptical. Little did we know what magic awaited us just a few hours hike away.

Nikki, Cory, and I met Mitch and his buddy Bryan in the Paradise parking lot. Cars filled in most of the white lines by the time we arrived - not too surprising considering we rolled in at the crack of 10am. On my ritual jog to the bathroom I noticed the strength and chill of the wind. No matter - we had tutus to keep our bums warm. Nikki in rainbow, Mitch in green, Corey in pink, and me in turquoise (sorry Bryan, I should have brought more!). Time to go.


At 10:30 we saddled up and began hiking. We made it to Pebble Creek in just over an hour, transitioned to ski gear, and climbed some more. The wind died down and Nikki cruised ahead as we got higher, eventually topping out at 9,400ft at Anvil Rock. We enjoyed a beer and looked down at the glorious harvest below.


The harvest awaits.

Then it was harvest time. This was hands-down the best corn skiing I've ever experienced. It was blissful. And in October no less!

Send it Mitch!

That tutu is becoming on you Cory!

Get after it you knuckle dragger you!

Even with all of the shredding of the gnar, the very best part of the day was skinning up and watching this little 7-year old shredder making his way down the snowfield. His awesome parents had taken him up over the course of two days to camp at Muir and slide down in the prime of the day. The little boy was equipped with a GoPro, and his dad later posted a video (which I can't find now!) and you can hear the little kid SINGING the entire way down. He's my new action figure mascot!

This kid is my hero!

Before we knew it the fun was coming to a close. We stayed high-right on the Paradise Glacier to meet back up with the traditional Muir approach at Pebble Creek, then began the standard hike down to the car.

Thanks for a great time Rainier. Until the next ski you beautiful beast!

I'm so happy I can't close my face!!!

We love you Rainier!

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