18 May 2017

Turns All Year: Month 66

April is an amazing month for skiing in the PNW - it's honestly one of the best months of the year. Despite the time of year, snow continues to fall and you can find everything from powder to spring corn. Most people think ski season is over, leaving the resorts largely untouched and wholly abandoned. Plus, can you say, "goggle tan"?

But wait, what am I saying? Spring skiing sucks. Don't do it.

I skied four days this April, and really enjoyed two of them. Here are my favorite photos:

Muir Snowfield, April 2

Taylor and Nick climbing up in the fog. Can't tell what's sky and what's not. This pretty much sums up the trip.

Muir Do-Over, April 9

We had a Kokanee Reunion, and I went climbing with Anthony and George. Photo by George Smilov.

We made it to Muir in 3 hours and 15 minutes, my fastest time yet! After some navigational errors, we skied the Nisqually Chutes to the bridge. This photo is not angled correctly, but here's Anthony charging the steeps (look at the mountains the background to orient).

I love zee skiing!

We ran into a group of girls and had a party in the parking lot! Happy Birthday Mena!

April 15, Secret Stash at Crystal

Told you there was pow in April! Photo by Theresa Sippel.

We are happy girls playing in the snow!

April 16, Mount St. Helens

What do you do when you forget your tent poles? Make a lean-to with the car, of course!

She's a beat!

The climbing was beutiful and terrible at the same time.
We summited in 5 hours and 15 minutes, then immediately skied 2k to get out of the wind. We had a beer, complained, about how terrible the skiing was, then skied all the way to the car for the long drive home.

Honorable Mentions
While not skiing related, occasionally I do other things that I enjoy like visiting New York City to eat all of the pizza and enjoying a night-out reunion with friends.

Team Shit Show reunion! We haven't been skiing together in a long time, but we can still go drinking together!

J and I went to visit his family in NY.

And I am not ashamed to say I ate 5 slices of pizza. It's only been three weeks and I already want to go back and eat 5 more.

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