06 April 2017

Turns All Year: Month 65

It turns out, you can get too much of a good thing. After skiing my face off for 11 days in February, something had to break, and it was me. And the weather. We can blame the weather too.

For March - month 65 of Turns All Year - I got in three days of skiing, one at my home mountain in Washington for another awesome SheJumps event, and two days at my home mountain in Big Sky Country for skiing with zee fam and zee friends. Here are my favorite pictures:

Crystal Mountain - March 12


Skittles Reunion!

Holy crap! That's a lot of girafficorns! 

March 25 - Big Sky, Montana

The man. The myth. The legend. This guy taught me to ski when I was three. Thanks Popi! 

The other favorite man in my life.

Look at those sweet chutes I "skied". Photo by Erica Bliss.

Keeping this one in my back pocket for when it's needed.

March 26 - Big Sky, Montana Part Deux

Erica with a pretty decent backdrop I guess.
Ladies on the summit! Such a fun crew.

Hey gals - what do you think of Big Sky?

Erica crushing a tram run.

See ya MT!

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