02 March 2017

Turns All Year: Month 64

If I thought skiing in January was great, then skiing in February was absolutely phenomenal! Hands down one of my best months ever on snow. With 11 days in 2 states and 2 countries - none of which were my home state of Washington - I covered 77,000 vert, more than 100 miles, and got to see the beauty of British Columbia, Oregon, and Idaho.

The month started with a Hut Trip to the Valhalla Lodge outside of Nakusp, BC. A 9+ hour drive transported us to the great white north and a snowy small town where we spent the night. In the morning, a helicopter whisked us away to a mountain retreat where 12 of us earned our turns for a week. And boy did we earn them! We woke up on five out of seven mornings with 6" or more of fresh snow - more than 3' accumulated during our stay. It was light, fluffy, and amazing. We didn't want to leave.

Back in civilization, I couldn't stand it and took successive weekend trips to visit friends and support a SheJumps event in Bachelor and Schweitzer respectfully. Not to be outdone by Canada, the US delivered the white goods on both of those trips too.

Here are my favorite pictures from Turns All Year Month 64 - February 2017:

Arriving at Valhalla Lodge - February 4

Putting a skin track into the deep - February 5

 More deep snow - February 6

 Best day of the trip - February 7

Up over the pass - February 8

Back into the deep - February 9

Saying 'peace out' - February 10

Hellooooooo Bachelor! - February 17

Thanks for the snowwwwwww Bachelor! - February 18 

SheJumps play day in Schweitzer backcountry - February 25

Photo by Krystin Norman.

Sacrifice, Oklahoma Suitcase, Boyfriend, Decapitator. 

SheJumps Get The Girls Out at Schweitzer - February 26

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