08 December 2016

Turns All Year: Month 61

For November turns this year - the first official turns of the season - I revisited the place from October and wow, did it look different! I went with the Sippel Sisters, a pair of real-life twins and the born-into owners of one of the best potential band names of all times. You've all heard about Theresa, but her twin Trisha just moved to the PNW and I was stoked to get out with both of them. I also had some strange flashbacks to my childhood spend skiing with my twin sisters...but I digress.

We left Seattle super early and drove up to Naches Peak, just outside of Mt. Rainier National Park. We were skinning by 8:45am, at the top by 10am, at the top of our second lap by 11:15am, and back at the car driving home by noon. Can we count that as dawn patrol?

When you adventure with twins, everything is the same same, but different.

Theresa forgot her tutu, but luckily Trisha had the green on lock down.

Trying to find a way around the creek...

Skinning into the abyss.

Trying to see zee mountain. Visibility was even worse than it looks.

Theresa stoked to drop in for our first lap!

The snow was light and fluffy in the morning, crusting up as it warmed later in the day. Remarkably good coverage considering the low snow depth.

Trisha may or may not have fallen right after this was taken....

Goodnight Owly. Thanks for joining.

Our friends were around the day before and left us a smiley. We love skiers.

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