01 September 2016

Turns All Year: Month 57

Any day spent on the snow is a lucky one. Whether it's bluebird corn or dumping powder, I am the happiest in zee mountains. I know I'm fortunate to make skiing at least one day a month a priority - adventuring is not a luxury we can all enjoy and I don't take it for granted.

To make the most of July, I spent five days playing on the snow. Some of the crew from Lisa's Birthday trip made a pilgrimage back to the Russell Glacier for a two day retreat. Then, I joined 20 rad women (and one awesome dude) for 3-days on Mt. Rainier in support of the SheJumps fundraising climb (more on SheJumps here). The SheJumps trip was especially rewarding knowing I had a small part in helping get 6/8 climbers (and 3/4 guides who also volunteered their time) to the summit while raising nearly $25,000 for SheJumps!

Russell Glacier - July 2-3

Another trip with skis on our backs.

Trail markers since we always come late :-)

Jordan makes it look easy (for a change).

When your friends say 'Party Ski' you say 'YES!'

My favorite picture from the whole trip.

I love this side of the mountain.

Normally I only post skiing success photos, but sometimes you fail.

When your tent is wet and it wants to blow away, just wear it as a cape.

#LinkingPatches with T-rish.

Mt. Rainier - July 22-24
*most photos by Freya Fenwood :)

The climbers and some of the support crew before heading out.

Climbing up through the mist. Not pictured: our misery.

Camp, once we finally made it above the clouds.

Amazing alpenglow captured by Freya.

More sunsets by Freya.

Looking into the Cowlitz Glacier.

When Lynsey Dyer is leading the way, you just go for it.

Circle up!

Support team!

Freya knows how to capture my happy face in my happy place.

The view never gets old. Snow camping is the best.


Time for 11 neon ladies to hike out with skis. We made quite the scene, as did the other climbers coming down. 

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