25 August 2016

Turns All Year: Month 56

June turns are traditionally some of the best of the season, but this June was pretty rainy and also I was moving into my new house, so I only got in two days of skiing. I made sure they were good!

Tatoosh - June 12
Because no winter is complete without a trip to the Tatoosh, a crew gathered to make a few laps below Castle. We had a lovely skin straight from the car, enjoyed some steep adventure climbing when we got a little off route, saw incredible views of all of the volcanos, and came down without anyone getting hurt or sunburned. I call that a WIN!

Oh, and we learned that Tatoosh means "boobies". OKay, it's a derivation from a literal translation of "nourishing beast"... but I think we can all see the correlation.

Casey finishing out our adventure skin on foot. I did too.

Get in line pal.

Jordan enjoying the sunshine with a photobomb by Sarah. Photo by Tony Paquette.

Wonderwoman skis too.

We heart zee mountains.

Tony showing us how it's done through the trees.

Baker Summit - June 18
After the Tatoosh, Casey was jonesing for more snow and the Squak Glacier on Mt. Baker was looking good. Five of us headed up to camp at the trailhead and got out at 6am-ish to head up. The summit took a little longer than planned, but we made it up in time for prime corn slaying on the way down! Talk about an incredible route with an equally memorable ski descent. And we learned some tips for staying un-sunburned along the way.

This was my third Baker summit, second time doing it via the Squak in a day, and I'm telling you, that's the way to go. Next year maybe I'll switch it up and go for the Easton!

All summer skiing starts like this.

The weather was a little moody when we started.

The clouds finally abated when we neared 7800'

Looking into the crater.

Another party roped up.

Best Mode Theresa kicking in new steps when the other path was too traveled.

Theresa's reward.

Another summit, next time MORE flair!

The team preparing to descend.

The best skiing picture I'll probably ever take. This is Bruce shredding the gnar.

Go team! Photo by David Bruce.

Casey's happy face after her first Baker summit! Congrats lady.

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Casey Price said...

You are so adventurous, thanks for always letting me tag along and teaching me along the way! Both were awesome experiences but Baker was amazing! I learned so much and had the time of my life heading up and down. Thanks for making me #justdoit and get over that tiny downed tree at the end...for the record I don't hate you I heart you!