19 May 2016

Turns All Year: Months 53-54

In the Pacific Northwest, March-May are typically some of the best skiing months of the year. Most often you'll get new snow to start off the spring, then slowly it warms up and turns to spring corn. My favorite season of all is "Volcano Season" - the unofficial stretch of time in which all of the volcanoes around here have amazing corn.

This year, to celebrate March and April - my 53rd and 54th consecutive months of skiing - the weather was more atypical and didn't dump lots of fresh in March as expected. To get some freshies, I took a last minute trip to Utah to ski the Wasatch in March, then came home to find that volcano season had started while I was out of town! I celebrated by skiing three volcanos (and summiting two of them!) in April.

Here are my favorite pics:

March 6: Skiing at Crystal with SheJumps and adorable Rupert.

March 23: First time ever skiing at SnowBird. So, so good. Photo by @chasewinter.

March 24: Back in the pow of the Bird. Christy Pelland putting on a clinic.

March 25: Chasing turns in the Wasatch Backcountry, hoping my lungs don't explode.

March 26: Volunteering with SheJumps to get new Utah skiers on the slopes! What a privilege. These kids rock!

March 26: Hanging with some heros - Claire Smallwood, Christy Pelland, and Rachael Burks.

April 3: Anna Twohig crushing the Nisqually Chutes on Mt. Rainier!

April 3: Imran, Jordan, and Anna. Apparently Imran is having the most fun.

April 10: The crux of our Mt. St. Helens climb.

April 10: Looking at Mt. Adams from Helens. Finally above the clouds!

April 10: First day I met Sarah. I think you can see why we will be friends. #kittyontheprowl

April 10: In the PNW there's a tradition of climbing Helens on Mother's Day in a dress. We missed the permits, so we had our own tribute to Moms everywhere. My friends are the best.

April 17: Early morning sunrise on Mt. Hood, looking toward Mt. Jefferson.

April 17: Looking toward the summit of Mt. Hood. It's like the moon up here.

April 17: Looking down from the Pearly Gates on Mt. Hood.

April 17: Summit of Mt. Hood with my favorite adventure buddy.

April 30: About to head into the Kokanee Mountains in Canada. This overly dramatic shot captured by Tony Paquette.

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