04 February 2016

Shout your face off

In my last post, I outlined 7 ways to have more fun - or at least LOOK like you are. The premise of the post assumed you were seeking to have more fun in photos. It did not touch on life in general per say.

However if you, like me, are also looking to have more fun in real life, I have one suggestion for you: shout your face off! That's it. One thing. And rather than explain it, I'll let this little video do it for me:

And this is what it sounds like to go skiing with me! It really is more fun when you shout your face off! (on a related note, anyone want to give me a tutorial in iMovie? I've got LOTS of obnoxious videos to share!)
Posted by Kristina Ciari on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy shouting! 

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