14 January 2016

Mi Familia

Last week my Madre and one-half of the "twinnies" came out to visit. We did many things and it was amazing. 

Our amazing 4-day family festival included: Book of Mormon, skiing & snowboarding in tutus (if you can call what Michele was doing snowboarding), a house viewing (I'm in the market), and a lovely boat ride. Oh, and we also shopped till we dropped, ran to catch the bus (like locals because we are just that good), and Seester cut my hair and styled me beautiful. 

Here are my favorite pics from the trip! Thanks familia for coming out! 

I believe!

Our chairlift looked like skittles!

Seester hanging on for dear life! And rocking my old board cerca 1999.

Chairlift selfie!

Family tutu time!

If you're ever in Bozeman, look my sister UP!

Clowning aroudn on Lake Union. Thanks Matt and Erin for taking us out!

Ahhh. Michele could get used to this!

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