31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Moonlight skiing, complete with miniature cans of champagne, goes down in history as my best New Year Celebration ever. I've also been lucky to celebrate on a boat in Lake Union, with drinking uno in Patagonia, and I was in the FIRST time zone to enter the next year in New Zealand.

Last year, on the eve of the New Year I was on a beach in Thailand. The next morning I woke up with Tonsai Tummy, and as a result never really appreciated the beauty of the Thai New Year. In the spirit of leaving 2015 behind me and looking ahead to 2016, these are my favorite pictures from our beach celebration:


It was also a full moon. Super high-tide came all the way up to the beach hotel bar.

One of the bars. Sketchy or fun, depending on inebriation level. 

Fun ladies ready to celebrate.

This little guy was ready to rock too.

Lanterns. Hundreds flying in the sky make for a gorgeous sight.

This lantern was heart shaped.

Happy New Year!

This year I will be at a cabin near lovely Mt. Baker. The snow report says 154" and snowing. We've already surpassed last year's TOTAL snowfall for the season, and I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place - especially when Ullr is smiling upon us.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great times you have. I don't blame you for taking advantage of the Mtr's generosity providing you with so much free time and little oversight.

One does wonder how you ever find the time to do your job at the Mtn'eers.

Kristina said...

Hi Anonymous - I wish you had left your name so I could more personally respond. For some reason, your comment is resonating as "negative" with me. I feel as though you have the impression I don't work, or that I barely work. If you've read my blog about taking vacations (here: http://kristinatravels.blogspot.com/2014/09/be-vacation-taker.html), you'll know I average about 50 hours/week at work, and that I actually use very little vacation time. I just maximize the time I have and prioritize getting outside more than pretty much anything else.

I do hope your comment was more a compliment than a derision, but just in case I thought it was worth mentioning that I'm just as passionate about work as I am about my personal adventures, and I take a lot of care to be sure my tasks are completed thoroughly before taking a few days outside to recharge.

curtis03 Lewis said...
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