12 November 2015

Why I Heart Jim Whittaker

My job is pretty incredible, and getting to hang out with Jim Whittaker in his living room a few weeks ago to make this film ranks up there on my list of all-time best life experiences.

He's such an accomplished man who approaches his achievements with a humble respect. He loves the environment and is passionate about climbing, sailing, conservation, and his family. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and, together with his twin brother Lou, learned how to climb with The Mountaineers.

As the first American to climb Everest, Jim used his fame to raise awareness about our environmental impact. He organized a Peace Climb during the Cold War to show the unifying power of climbing to unite fighting nations. After successfully summiting, those same climbers worked together to remove more than 2 tons of waste from the Himalayan Peak - the first cleanup effort in Everest's history.

Jim continues to fight for the future in our own Pacific Northwest. I hope you watch and share this video, and take his message to heart. Part of my mission at work every day is to make sure future adventurers will enjoy the same outdoor playgrounds available today. I'm excited to have the likes of Jim Whittaker by my side.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in supporting The Mountaineers and Jim, consider joining or making a donation today.

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