19 November 2015

What's Yours Like?

While on a hut trip in Canada, I learned of this amazing game called "What's yours like?" Incredibly simple and requiring zero accoutrements to play, "What's Yours Like?" is both an amazing get-to-know-you and disturbing get-to-know-your-mind-you-sick-bastard kind of a game. I highly recommend it to anyone with 5 or more friends looking to pass the time.

Alice playing What's Yours Like?
Because you cannot do it without a pickle flask. 
How it works:

  1. Designate one person - the "guesser" - to sequester themselves out of earshot.
  2. Pick a topic. The remaining people pick something: this could be your favorite car, your first memory, you least favorite food, the color of your underpants..... the topic is not really important, you just all have to agree.
  3. Ask the question. The guesser returns and starts asking people, one at a time, "What's yours like?". Then that person has to answer, in the vaguest possible way. Kimmy might say, "It is off-white." Johnny might answer with, "Mine is on the sour side." Leonard could say, "I don't like it when it gets in my nose."
  4. Guess! At any point, the guesser can ask, "Are you talking about your least favorite food?". In this case, she would be wrong, because obviously Kimmy, Johnny, and Leonard are discussing their underpants (no, we do NOT want more explanation on Johnny's "sour" comment).
  5. You win! Play again! Once the guesser picks the right answer, the game is over and a new guesser is designated.
This might sound like a lame game, but I assure you, outside of Cards Against Humanity, this is by far the funniest game I've ever played. And it's transportable - you don't need anything! And you can keep it as G-Rated or PG-13 (or R-Rated...I'm looking at you Nick!) as you want. 

To give you a little taste, let's play right here, right now. Here are my three clues to you - can you figure out what I'm talking about?
  1. I like that it can hide-out.
  2. It feels like rubber.
  3. It's green.
Keith's Hut Trip Group. Still my favorite rainbow picture of all time. Coincidence? I think NOT! 

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