28 October 2015

My Friends Are The Best

My friends are the best. They're so great, in fact, sometimes I feel bad for stealing all of the best people in the world and hogging them for myself. #SorryNotSorry.

Want to ski on your 30th birthday....in May? I've got the crew for you!

Why are they so great? Aside from being smart, ambitious, inspiring, creative, kind, and really really ridiculously good looking (that's right, I'm talking to YOU!), they are the type of people who mobilize a card mob for someone's birthday. They bid on you in a date auction. They travel far and wide to go climbing or run a half marathon. They embrace being ridiculous. They're incredibly supportive, and together we've built a 'Community of Awesome'.

One of my favorite things is the way they show support. As humans we like to "classify" people - put them into "buckets". It makes it easier for us to get through the day. I am often put into one of three buckets:

| Tutu | Skiing | Poop |

You may take issue with such a classification system, but I am fully on-board. These systems serve as shorthand to start a conversation. Nowadays it can be weird to pick up the phone and call someone. But it's NOT weird to post a Poop Emoji Dress to someone's Facebook page. Online engagement is the new social currency - a way of interacting with someone else. If putting me in the "poop bucket" makes it easier for someone to have a conversation with me, I'm all for it.

With that, here are some of my very favorite things recently shared with me:

Tutu: I wrote about the little girl in a tutu in my post on why I embrace being ridiculous, but I really was genuinely touched when a number of people shared this photo with me over the course of a few months: folks who I know well and people who I hadn't talked to in years. I'm a big fan of the man embracing a pink tutu as well, and fully support his pink tutu efforts.

My life motto.

A man wears a pink tutu to amuse his wife fighting cancer. It turns into a movement

Skiing: My passion for skiing may be the most well documented love story in the history of the blog-o-sphere, so it came as no surprise when more than a few folks pointed me towards this 'ski like a girl' t-shirt. I'm also a big fan of the #adventurouswomen meme, which has a few different presentations, all of them awesome.

You can buy one for me here ;-)

Poop: I don't know when I became known as "that girl who won't shut up about poop". I do talk about poop more than your average Jane. I also spend more time outside than most people, and that makes poop part of my everyday conversation. My high comfort with the brown stuff inspired my buddy Nick to encourage me to get a poop emoji dress and I don't disagree. Or, I could just buy the new poop stool. An incredible invention presented through an unforgettable video presenting a unicorn shitting rainbow colored soft-serve ice cream. Only it's not offensive and is fully educational. Just watch it.

See more photos (and buy it for me (-: ) here

This is why my friends are the best. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find some inappropriate videos to share with them on the topics of Subarus, Instagram, and Beer. What? You all have a bucket too!

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