07 July 2015


I first "met" SheJumps in 2012. We were both at Crystal Mountain and frankly it was love at first sight. Hundreds of ladies in tutus? YES PLEASE!

You see, SheJumps is a nonprofit founded to empower women to jump in, jump up, and jump out - to get outside our own personal comfort zone and find new challenges with the support of other outdoorsy ladies.

SheJumps sounded like just the place for me, so when they hosted a "Get The Girls Out" event at Crystal Mountain encouraging tutu clad ladies to show their stuff, I knew I had to be there.

The event blew any expectations I had out of the water. I found myself surrounded by women who were not only awesome, but could ski their faces off. With eight (none of whom knew more than one other person in the group) of us taking up two quad chairlifts, we set out on our first run together. We met at the bottom of the chairlift approximately 1.86 minutes later and looked around. At that point I counted and said, "Are we waiting for anyone?.... We're NOT waiting for anyone!" And we all had a good laugh. Because, probably for the first time in our lives, we were all ripping it up at our own pace, and were surrounded by ladies on the same page.

Sometimes it just takes a catalyst to inspire experiences like mine on Crystal Mountain, and SheJumps is just the organization to do so. And for that reason I'm super stoked to have been a featured SheJumper in May - apparently they knew it was my birthday month! I have continued my involvement with the organization since then, and could not be happier to support a cause that hits so close to home.

For more information about SheJumps, check out their website and of course read the article about co-founder Lynsey Dyer which I was happy to write for Mountaineer magazine. Huge thanks to the SheJumps ladies for the feature!

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christy pelland said...

Ohhhhh you are the coolest Ms. Ciari! So glad to have you as part of our team!