18 April 2015

Turns All Year Months 37-42

This winter has been a major bummer. I don't want to go all political here, but guys! Global warming is seriously a thing and I am super suffering because of it! Start recycling or something!

Lest you think I'm a fair-weather skier, I want to provide a little update on the Turns All Year (read: Tutus All Year) progress. You may remember, in October I completed my third year of TAY - my 36th consecutive month. I was stoked to mark the anniversary with Turquoise Tutu Theresa and Nurk Durk Nick Drake, who were celebrating four and five years of TAY respectively. 

In a normal snow year, it's all downhill (tee hee) from November until about May or June, even into July. We go out, get our fill of fluffy face shots, and come back with goggle tans to rival the ages. 

Not this year. This year has been.... different. To put it in perspective, from Nov 2013-April 2014 I skied 26 days. By the end of this month, I will have skied just 13 - half of last year. And that's not for lack of desire. And I visited the homeland and got in three great days skiing in Big Sky Country or it'd be only ten. BUT my streak remains and I just celebrated month 

Here are the "highlights" for this "ski season":

November (37): This month started off promising, with what would be the only powder I saw this year. The skiing was great and we did two laps on Heliotrope Ridge, but then when I returned two weeks later it was solid ice, and no skiing was to be had. Wah wah.

My only powder this year. Photo by Ryan Thurston.

Imran seeing if he could lick up an ice cone two weeks later.

December (38): Granted I was in Thailand for part of December, but I'm still upset I only skied one day in December. In the trip that I call "Snow White and the Seven Dudes" I accompanied Imran and some buddies up to the Hidden Lakes area. We were treated to amazing views of Eldorado, set of a few small slab slides, and even found some good snow out of the wind.

The Seven Dudes
Snow White in front of Eldorado.

January (39): I returned from Thailand on January 6 happy to be home and keen to get back out into zee mountains. I got some whiteout skiing out of the way in Rainier first (naturally) then discovered my new favorirte thing (skiing in Loup Loup!) and my new not favorite but still fun skiing-related thing (skate skiing).

This is why I wear the tutu. For safety in a whiteout.

Skiing in Loup Loup! We skinned one lap then bought 1/2 lift tickets and skied 800' laps instead on the only chair lift.

February (40): After discovering the glory of Loup Loup in January, I was happy to go back to celebrate my love for the place on Valentine's Day weekend. Well, zee mountains had different plans, and instead Jordan and I skinned up some brown snow. I'm sorry, that's a lie. It wasn't even brown snow, it was just dirt.

Jordan working hard for his "turns" on dirt.

March (41): For March, we needed something big. Theresa was inspired by some good trip reports from Mt. Shasta, and since I had been shut down the year before I was keen to go back. So we loaded up the car - tutus and all - and drove down to attempt zee mountain! I owe a trip report for this, but basically it was like this, only this time we made the summit! If that weren't enough March also included three fun day in Big Sky, MT, and a quick visit down to Crystal Mountain to finally use my season's pass!

Jumping for joy (pre summit attempt).

Jordan pushing up Avalanche Gulch.

Finally gaining misery ridge.

Theresa and I on the Summit!

Big Sky. My Happy Place.

Owly back at Crystal with Rainier as a top hat.

April (42): April isn't over yet, but with all the work goings-on I had planned this month I knew I needed to get my skiing over with early. Weather looked great on April 4, so I set out with Erica (who wore the turquoise tutu in Theresa's absence), Jordan, and James to do some stuff in the Tatoosh. We made a game-time decision and ended up skiing the Nisqually Chutes instead, and it was fantastic! Here's a trip report if you're interested.

Pan Point in the best shape I've seen it all year.

Happy Tutu!

You know what? Even though this hasn't been a stellar ski year this blog makes me feel better about it. Fingers crossed the 19% of normal snow we got this year holds up for months 43-48! 

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