28 January 2015

Pretty Faces: An Interview with Lynsey Dyer

I'll admit it - I'm a total fan-girl for Lynsey Dyer. I've watched her in ski movies for years and have always followed her projects with interest. She's an incredibly talented skier, and she's also a photographer, artist, and newly a feature-film maker.

When The Mountaineers got the opportunity to host Lynsey's all-women ski film, Pretty Faces, I was elated. I knew it would sell out (it did) and I knew it would inspire and amaze (in spades). Not only was the film fantastic, highlighting the strengths while also acknowledging the weaknesses of females in the outdoors, but it brought together a crowd of women so full of stoke I thought the roof was going to fly off our building.

I was honored to do Lynsey's intro in front of our sold-out crowd of 450 attendees, and even more excited to sit down with her before the show to talk about her inspiration and motivation in putting together Pretty Faces. You can read the entire article here, or via the images below (click to expand).

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