14 January 2015

Meany Lodge: A Gateway to Adventure

Meany Lodge is one of The Mountaineers three mountain lodges located in the heart of Snoqualmie Valley. Boasting the world's fastest rope tow (ascending 450 vertical feet at a blistering 17mph) and home to a colorful cast of characters, Meany is a place suspended in time - the perfect place to get away from it all.

For the November-December edition of Mountaineer magazine, I sat down with a 'Meanyite' to find out about his family legacy at meany, and why he's so inspired to transport his family there today. You can read the full article here, or via images below (click to expand).

p.s. It's still SUPER exciting to see my words in print - in case you were wondering if the novelty has warn off. It hasn't :)

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