29 October 2014

Turns All Year Months 31-35

Last week I told you about the triumphant completion of 3 years/36 months of Turns All Year. I feel like I write enough about skiing that you're all probably sick of it, but this is my blog and I want to celebrate ALL of the months I haven't specifically mentioned since celebrating 30 months in April, so here you go, a blog devoted to months 31 through 35.

To keep it brief - a change in pace for me - here are just five photos, my favorite one from each month.

Month 31: Mt. St. Helen's Mother's Day Ski
Honorable mention to the Mt. Glacier attempt White Mountain Summit trip.

People complimented my outfit, which is of course normal-sauce. Added the balloons though, which made it all the way up and down! Photo by the talented Greg Sheehan.

Month 32: Mix Up Peak
Honorable Mentions: Inter Glacier (Lisa's first glacier experience), Mt. Baker in a day, Mt. Adams in a day.

60-degree climb sans-ropes in a tutu? Sure. This'll be an exciting ski! Photo by Nick Drake.

Month 33: Laps on Paradise

Rainier on Rainier. The very best.

Month 34: Flett/Russel Glaciers

See previous caption. I love the ridiculous number of skis behind me. 

Month 35: Laps on Mt. Hood

Theresa, Jill, and me. Nothing like a lap in a tank top! Photo by Random Snowboarder Dude.

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