10 April 2014

Turns All Year Month 29

March was a tough month to motivate to get out skiing, but luckily I had a few really fun events to help me get back on skis. The month kicked off with a She Jumps event to get the girls out on the slopes - and get out we did! Continuing my tradition of skiing on the first of the month with Theresa, we donned our Saturday's best (aka festive tutus) and joined the ranks of lady skiers to rip down the mountain.


A little mid-day yoga break

Yup. I made us line up by RAINBOW!

I'm serious, everyone RIPPED. We unloaded the chair and minutes later were at the bottom without stopping. I looked around quizzically and said to the group, "Are we waiting for anyone???", then suddenly and EXCITEDLY exclaimed, "We're NOT waiting for anyone!"

We had an awesome day and the mountain even came out to give us a lovely view. I was stoked Lisa made it out for a ski day too (and of course, skied in a tutu)!

Lisa, me, Erica, and Theresa jumping for joy!

I love it when Rainier looks all moody

Never one to be satisfied, in the middle of March I took a blitz-trip down to Shasta to try and summit another 14'er. We were blown off the mountain but had a great time regardless. Here's a photo that didn't make the original blog:

One of the few photos I have of me actually skiing! Woot! Photo by Matt Davis.

To put a solid exclamation mark on the end of my 29th month, I headed up to Stevens with Matt for some weekend turns in the sunshine, aka drinking on the chairlifts and cruising groomers. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, or get another month of Turns All Year.

Owly says Woot!


Lisa Bowers said...

Jumping in the air is really hard when you're pooping a person!

Allison Lee said...

matt's fingers all up in owlie's grill!