11 April 2014

Turns All Year Month 30 (before 30)

When I first started the 30 Before 30 List (inspired by Ginger! Thanks girl!) I had no idea that Turns All Year was even a thing. Hiking to ski? Nothankyouplease.

But then I went out. And it was AWESOME. And I was hooked.

I remember fondly when I made my first 12-months. Originally on my 30 Before 30 List as a "goal", then I realized, "Hey, if I make it until April 2014 (one month before my 30th birthday), I will have skied 30-consecutive months!" So obviously I decided I needed to do that.

For month THIRTY I took a Tuesday off from work (thanks best job ever!) to hit the slopes on April Fool's Day with Matt. Only it wasn't a joke - we were really skiing while everyone else was really at work. The sun was out and it was glorious.

Hi Stevens!

We waited in no lines, with the exception of waiting a chair in the afternoon, which was pretty terrible. We almost just packed up our stuff and high tailed it outta there. "This place is really getting crowded," we said in disgust.

After exhausting ourselves with 18 runs in a mere 4.5 hours (including an hour long lunch break!), we opted to head back to Seattle where the weather was also perfect. So...we went boating. Because: boatley.

Hellooooooo Lake Union

So, to recap for those of you who don't read this and just look at photos (and thus for whom me writing this paragraph is a complete waste of time) here is what my day looked like:

April Fools! No, but seriously, I skied and boated on April Fool's Day!

And, just becuase it amused me and the only reason I keep this blog is for my own amusement, here is what I wrote as my out of office on April Fool's Day:

Thanks for your message! I will be out of the office on Tuesday, April 1 in celebration of April Fool's Day.

Just kidding. I'm not out to celebrate April Fool's Day.

But seriously I will not be in the office, and I will return your message on Wednesday, April 2.

Now I realize that April isn't over and therefore I'm a little premature in my "TAY Month #30" post, but you see, April is a month full of adventures:

First, I tried my first attempt at snowmobile backcountry skiing with my friend Nick. We had a big objective and knew it'd be tough to hit in the right weather window, but we set out anyway. Well.....fast forward a few hours and we had left Seattle at 4am, rode a sled 10 miles through downed trees, up steep embankements, and over locked gates only to arrive at our destination and realize we were done. Conditions were too unstable and dangerous, so we watched some avalanches come down, dug under the sled to turn it around, and back down we went.

Overall our day it was a good introduction to snowmo travel and I got in my workout chasing after Nick, who said I was too much "ballast" for some of his tough maneuvers. Yup, pretty sure that means he called me fat.

Nick gets to ride. I get to wallow.

And second, or lastly as the case may be, I am heading off to ICELAND and NORWAY to swim in the world-famous Blue Lagoon, ski on the Norwegian fjords, and hopefully catch the northern lights. SUPER excited! Even better? I convinced Nick he need to come with me :)

Catch ya later SUCKAS!

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