17 March 2014

Turns All Year Month 28

After months of uber dry weather, mid-February brought us some serious dumpage, the likes of which haven't been seen in these parts for years. Theresa and I celebrated by hitting Crystal mountain in our Seahawks-turquoise tutus on February 1, the day before we won the SuperBowl. We're pretty sure that's why they won.

February 1: Crystal Mountain, with a clear view of Mt. Rainier (which we plan to climb together this spring, in tutus).

Theresa and I also skied together the following Thursday night as participants in the City-League race night. She kicked butt and I came in about the 55th percentile for our race group. Hey, with 110 people, 90% of whom are men, and having not raced since over-half-my-lifetime ago, I'll take it!

Saturday we once again loaded up our tutus and headed out to Mazama Ridge, a low-angled slope near Mt. Rainier with lots of trees. Avy danger was high, but we made some great decisions and had a good day lapping a short 400ft slope, with fresh tracks all day.

February 8: The boys laying in our skin track on Mazama Ridge.

Gorgeous snow.

Nick's photo. His original caption: OY! I've spotted tutus in their natural habitat!

Over President's day weekend, I trekked up to Whistler village for my sporatically-annual group. We had 11 people originally, but then Matty came down with the flu and headed home early. We tried to do him justice by having a fun time and skiing our tooshies off before 9/10 of us were also similarly afflicted. Oh well, fun times all around.

February 15: Sans tutu + neck warmers. Hexar gets a shoutout cameo in the back.

February 16: Overnight dumpage. Just the beginning of a week-long storm. 

Ladies all bundled up for a night out on the town.

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