12 March 2014

Turns All Year Month 27

In the last installment of Turns All Year: The Tutu Adventures, I spent November and December skiing almost every weekend in sub-par conditions. January continued the trend, staying dry and keeping us powder hounds seeking new adventures.

To start the year off right, I joined my friend Dave and three of his bros for a weekend "skiing in the enchantments". What we ended up with...well, was decidedly NOT skiing. I posted a full trip report here, but as an overview we hiked 18 miles wearing crampons and skiboots, carrying big packs, and never even got to ski. The views were pretty though:

January 4: The road was closed due to ice. Should have been our obvious sign to abort...

Colchuck Glacier center sloping up right.

January 5: Climbing to the col sans skis.

Rewarded with amazing views.

While technically the suffer-fest doesn't count as skiing, I feel it's enough time with skis on my back to be counted as a fair try. But to assure that my January turns were in the bag, I headed to my favorite tree-ski stash with Imran, to the Tatoosh in search of spring corn (we found breakable crust), and then finished the month off with some evening ski races at Alpental.

January 12: That's one sexy, powdery skin track.

Owly! She looks right in her element.

Anne and I with our hands in the air. That's how you know we're having fun!

January 20: Coming down from Unicorn peak. Once again hands in the air for FUN!

Trying to get artsy near the top of Unicorn.

Hands in the air (we're totally faking fun having - the breakable crust was...not awesome).

January 23: City League race qualifying night. Totally socked in. But if you got above the clouds the view was magical.

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