05 March 2014

Helicopter Rescue: A Story of Survival

For the March/April edition of Mountaineer magazine, I was privileged to write about my friend Miles McDonough, a volunteer rescuer for both the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team and Everett Mountain Rescue. Miles was already devoting his free time to rescue when he was in a catastrophic climbing accident. He battled a long road of recovery, and has made it his personal goal to find a sustainable source of funding so he can continue saving lives for decades to come.

I've said how lucky I feel that my job allows me to write for a living, but in this case I feel particularly fortunate to hopefully help a cause so critical to the outdoor community I love.

Readable images of the article are below - click to enlarge, or view the entire article here on pages 21-23. And if you're so inspired, please go to the HRT website to support the last resort.

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