28 January 2014

Turns All Year Months 25 & 26

The snowpack in the PNW is pretty dismal. As I am writing this, it's 50-degrees and sunny on a warm January day. While the rest of the country is complaining about the "Polar Vortex", we are happily walking around in t-shirts and searching our homes for those sunglasses we know we put somewhere.

October marked my 2-year anniversary for TAY, wherein participants ski (or board) at least one day a month. Everyone has their own personal credo for what counts as a day of skiing, but for me if I've got skis on my feet for more than an hour (going up for down), it counts.

To round out the year, I found myself up north near Mt. Baker for 3 days in November, and then in-bounds at Crystal and Steven's for December, after starting off the month with a VERY COLD adventure to Jim Hill Mountain. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Crew on Heliotrope Ridge - Nov 10
Yours truly touring outside of Crystal. Tutu deep pow - Nov 18

Colorful ladies at Baker - Nov 30

Cold days make for great photos - Dec. 8

FREEZING day touring Jim Hill Mtn - Dec 8

Tutu handstands to stay warm - Dec 8

Just so damn cold! - Dec 8

Ski like a girl day Crystal resort - Dec 14

Theresa Sippel executing a perfect turn - Dec 14

Merry Christmas Eve from me and Owly! Stevens - December 24

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