12 January 2014

I'm Published - Again!

Maybe someday the excitement of getting a shiny new magazine with my words in it will wear off, but for now I'm still super stoked to see my articles in print! For our January/February issue of Mountaineer, I wrote a piece on mixed climbing with Roger Strong. An Arc'teryx athlete, backcountry skier, and leading activist in modern mixed climbing, Roj and I sat down to talk about all things adventure. The article turned out great, and my fantastic colleague and magazine designer Suzanne did an awesome job with the article layout, and of course the entire magazine.

Below are the images of my piece (click to expand), or you can view the digital version of Mountaineer in it's entirety.

Bonus: I have a few other sprinkles of my writing throughout the magazine too. See if you can find them :)


Allison Lee said...

you go!

Michal said...

Whoo hoo!! Congrats!

Linatron said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing on fb so i could read it :)