11 November 2013

I'm a Centerfold!

Last month I was sold to the highest bidder, and now I'm writing to tell you I'm a CENTERFOLD .... well, kinda.

One of the many awesome benefits of my fantastic job is that I now get to be a contributing writer for our bi-monthly (as in once every-other month, not twice a month; man that word is confusing) Mountaineer magazine. The magazine has been around in one form or another nearly as long as we have existed - so I feel honored to be joining this 100 year tradition.

For the Nov/Dec issue, I was asked to write a piece on Turns-All-Year. A website for those of us who ski at least one day per month, Turns All Year is a forum where you can share about your snowy exploits and meet others with similar addictions to the white stuff. I was really excited to write this piece, and was pretty stoked on how it turned out. Even better, our new editor (my fabulous colleague Suzanne) chose my article for one of the features, AND placed my photo in the center of the magazine. THUS = CENTERFOLD!

The photos of the article are below, but you can read the entire article online here. My article is on pages 23-26. And, some secret beta for you, I also wrote pages 30-31, 33, and 46. I should note, I have nothing to do with the stellar layout. You've seen my blog, you know I can only center photos. All that credit goes to Suzanne. And Suzanne even gave me an amazingly sweet shout out on page 4.

Do you all get why this is the most perfect job EVER for me!

Centerfold baby

You remember that ladies photo from my September Ski Post. So glad Suzanne liked it for the magazine! 

And, in case you missed it, this blog is part of the reason I got my dream job. So, thanks for continuing to read. As a bonus, this is my 200th blog post, and guess what? That means I can cross another one off the 30 Before 30 list. That's right, I had "write 200 blogs" on my list.

Don't lie, you want to read them all!

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