07 October 2013

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has been on my bucket list for many, many years. Seriously, just Google Croatia and select "images" and you will see why. No, you don't want to? Fine, click this link and BAM! Croatia!

Crotian Airlines - no not the flight that had to land without landing gear thank goodness

Situated across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Croatia is also home to hundreds of fabulous limestone climbing routes - the ultimate reason for my trip! Along with three Seattle climbers, I set out to the Istrian Peninsula to get my climb on. We all flew in and out of Zagreb, the country's capital, and then drove the 3 hours to Rovinj, our homebase for the week of climbing.

I left Seattle at 1:20pm Saturday, and landed in Croatia at noon Sunday, which was 3am Seattle time. I had slept 3 hours on the plane though, so Linnea (who landed the night before) and I went to town and wandered around like zombies before I was allowed to crash at 8pm. Ed and Sarah joined us late that evening, and Monday morning we headed off for Rovinj.  

More to come on the climbing, but first, here is a look at my half-day in Zagreb with Linnea. We started by picking up the car, searching for the hotel, and heading downtown to see what there is to see.

Our hotel in Zagreb, one room for the three girls

You know you're in Europe when you see excellent fashion

Like every-European-city-ever, Zagreb had a giant church. I keeping with tradition, that church was under renovation, and covered in scaffolding. I couldn't help but think of Allison and her hatred for all things scaffolding.

At least they put a picture on the scaffolding now

This clock used to be at the top of the churchtower, and stopped during an earthquake many years ago

Buildering with Grandpa Max!

The old-town itself was surprisingly small and incredibly walkable. I'm always taken by the teeny-tiny streets and old, beautiful buildings.

Sundial on stucco on brick

Seattle has pigs. Zagreb has eggs.

Old town

This church was many hundred years old. The roof is restored to it's original design.

The roof looked like legos!

While wandering around, we happened upon this crazy Museum - the Museum of Broken Relationships. Neither one of us had heard of it, and we were a little on the tired side, so we opted to keep moving, but after reading this recent article on the museum, I really wish I had gone in. I might have learned something! Shoot - I could probably have submitted my own items for display ;-)

At least I can tell you their gift shop was fantastic!

Finally, our last stop before grabbing gelato and heading home was a beautiful tower at the top of the hill. For 10 Kuna (roughly $3) we walked to the top of the tower and basically had it to ourselves. Each floor had a small landing complete with a history of the area, which was quite informative and lovely. I took many photos.


Linnea taking it all in

I love this photo. It looks like she's sitting next to a picture, but she's sitting next to a window!

Well play Zagreb, well played.

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