21 October 2013

Husky Football in Chicago

It's hard to imagine, but many years ago when I was not-so-outdoorsy, I created this blog to be about my travels. It was 2008 and I was inspired by a recent trip to Patagonia. Having previously spent 9-weeks in Europe, plus a trip to Japan, I figured I'd have plenty of backlog to write about while planning my next trip. Well, those European blogs are still waiting to be written....

The blog, as you know my 3 dear readers, has become about my ridiculous outdoor escapades, generally while wearing a tutu and most definitely while carrying my constant travel companion and Action Figure Mascot Grandpa Max, and less so about travel. Nowadays whenever I travel it seems to be for ridiculous outdoor escapades!

Me, Grandpa, and Matty all headed to Chi-Town! EXCITED FACE!

However, very occasionally I do travel for something other than adventures outside. And last month I found myself in windy Chicago (full disclosure: it wasn't that windy) to visit my amazing friends there while taking in a Husky Football game! Me and seven of my friends and fellow Husky faithful descended on Chi-town where we handily beat the Illinois Illini at beautiful Soldier Field. Not only that, but the weather was spectacular and my hosts were even better. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

Great view of Rainier from the airplane

View from the Aon Tower
My oldest and bestest friend! We go way back to freshman year (of high school)!

Finally saw the Book of Mormon. It changed my life.

Seattle contingent + the lovely Lisa

Soldier Field (redundant caption)

Beautiful day!


My dates and good luck charms

I had to go say hi to my UW Band Director. NERD!

Beautiful soldier field. Made even prettier by WINNING!

I had never seen one of these soda machines before. Thank goodness James showed me the light!

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