27 September 2013

Summer Skiing - September

You know the look. The where-the-hell-are-you-going-to-find-snow-in-September look.... Your face contorts itself into a scrunched up mess of confusion and intrigue. Yeah! - that's it! I see you practicing! A gold star for you!

In all seriousness, I do see that face kind of a lot. Now that I have the great job I see the look less (for example: now my coworkers understand why I would want to climb Mt. Rainier vs. looking at me like I just grew an extra head), but I do still get the face often enough.

"You ran a half marathon in a tutu?" FACE. "Everywhere you go you travel with an action figure mascot?" FACE. "You like sleeping in a tent on the snow?" FACE. "You ate an entire wheel of cheese?". I digress.

Where was I? Oh yes, that's right, I was talking about Skiing in September. Which, for the record, is only the 2nd worst month of the year to find decent snow (the worst is October. Stupid October). And what better way to ski in September than to ride some chairlifts and get in about 15 laps in under 3 hours?

What's that you say? Do it with a bunch of hot chicks??? Yes please!

So, for Labor Day weekend, 4 girlfriends and I headed down to Smith Rock where we climbed, camped, swam, jumped, skied, and were awesome. And we did it in costumes. Because we are awesome.

Yours Truly leading "Light on the Path" 10a

Top of First Kiss, 5-pitch 5.7ish with an awesome rappel

Cori captured in a true instagram moment

Cori's fantastic cliff jump!

High five for a great day and delicious new brewery: 10 Barrel

Either Grandpa Max was really bad or Cori was really good....

Ski Day!

Skiing ballet. It's totally a thing.

Theresa tearing it up

Me chasing Theresa down

Remember kids: it doesn't count as a chairlift ride unless you have a beer.

Ladieeeeeees. Thanks for an awesome long-weekend!

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