20 September 2013

Summer Skiing - August

Ahhh August. Such a summer month. Most people think about BBQ's and sunscreen and boating and swimming. I, on the other hand, imagine frozen lands of sun-cupped scenery; a great white playground if you will.

And that's why, the last weekend in August, I set out to the Paradise Glacier on Mt. Rainier in search of some skiable snow for my 22nd consecutive month of Turns All Year.

And you know what? It wasn't half bad! We pulled together a fun crew (we even brought a hiker with us! We should get extra points for that.) and hiked for a few hours before dropping 900' off the backside down onto the Cowlitz Glacier (also affectionately known as "The Stash"). After "enjoying" the snow we skinned back up and launched our assault up the Paradise Glacier, only to be met with a blanket of clouds. Happy to call it a day with a net of 2,500' of skiing, we skied down the glacier until we could ski no more.

Then we ate pie. Good decisions were made all around.

Just a little bit of meltwater

Skinning fool

Me hiking for turns, month 22

Dropping onto the Cowlitz. Fast snow.

We were met by crevasses at the bottom. Good thing they were only about 20' deep.

Congrats to Theresa on 34 consecutive months!

Great skiing on Paradise once you got through the icy section above)

Trail of greenery leading us home =D

Horton Hears a Who!
Oh, and I should mention it was Brian's birthday! That's two months in a row I've skied with someone on their birthday (last month it was Kristen when we climbed Mt. Hood). Happy Birthday Brian!

Ben, Theresa, Brian, and Me, before I realized my error and gave Brian the tutu

Love everything about this photo: skis, tutu, rainier can, wrong way sign.

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