26 July 2013

See Jane Run - Round 3

A few weeks ago I ran in my 3rd annual See Jane Run half marathon. My 7th half-marathon (I might have a problem) the See Jane Run was a three-peat of my very first half. What can I say? I just love running this race! It's an easy course close to home and it's all women - I really dig the positive female energy!

The medal got WAY BIGGER!

When I ran this the first time (my first ever half!) I finished in 2:05:31. Then last year I surpassed even my wildest expectations and finished in 1:50:12, cutting 15 minutes off of my first year's time and finishing in the top 10% of my age group!

This spring I ran the Lake Sammamish Half, finishing in 1:48:34 - knocking out 13.1 miles at an 8:17 pace. As someone who suffers from shortness, I figured there was no way I could outdo that pace. Ever.

The morning of See Jane was sunny and about 15 degrees warmer than I would have liked. The first five miles were stellar. I got a good start off the line at the beginning of the 9-10min/mile pack and quickly had lots of space to myself. I began catching people from the earlier start and was like, "Yeah, I feel pretty good."

Then I hit mile 6. Ouchie.

By mile 8 I was seriously contemplating running to my car and just driving home to take a nap. Must. Keep. Running.

Luckily my inner struggle subsided, and by mile 10 I was back to feeling good. Only then did I let myself even think about entertaining the possibility that I could set a new PR. So I started booking it!

One mile from the finish I realized, "Damn, I just might crush this thing!". And crush I did - here is what that looks like:


To say I was stoked on the finishing time of 1:46:26 would be an understatement. I mean, really? ME? The gal who three years ago finished in over two hours? The shortest runner ever known to man-kind (that may be a slight exaggeration). I am beyond thrilled. To finish 15th in my age group and in the top 6% overall? Well, you just can't beat that feeling!

Although full disclosure - my watch said I only ran 12.9 miles. I heard this from other people as well, that perhaps the course was short. Not sure how that would work given that it was the exact same course as the two previous years....but worth nothing. At the very least if I can never beat this time again I can assuage myself by saying, "it was just a short course."

I am going to reward myself with some new running outfits though. Apparently I really like pink - I basically have identical pictures from the last three years....

2011 and 2012

A huge shout out needs to go to the Seattle Anti-Freeze Runners, who inspire me to run and come out to the Thursday gatherings every week! I raise this champagne glass to you!

See you in 2014 Jane. But really, let's be done with all of this PR business. I'm getting old. 

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Matt Q said...

Perhaps the course too 'suffers from shortness'