06 May 2013

I Came By It Honestly

While in Montana my sisters and I were discussing our hair cowlicks (because that makes perfect sense) and discovered that we ALL have a flat spot on the back of our heads. And not like, you know, a run of the mill, barely noticeable, everybody-has-one divot. No, no. We all have a HUGE FLAT SPOT that would make us look like circus freaks should we ever shave our heads. Apparently we have our father to thank for this lovely little deformation. Rest assured that none of the Ciari girls will be rocking the shaved head look.

No Hair? No Dice!

Another odd thing about the twins and I is that none of us ate green vegetables until we were in our early 20's. We just didn't like them. Allegedly people's taste buds change every 7 years, so maybe it was that, but I choose to blame it on my mother's cooking (sorry mom!).

And this got me to thinking...what other features and traits did I get from my parents?

Apparently I looked the exact same nearly 29 years ago

There's an idiom for this: to "come by something honestly". Maybe it's because I'm getting older (and thus am becoming more and more like my parents with every passing breath) but lately I find myself fascinated by the idea of Nature vs. Nurture. With so many friends who are new parents as well, I am curious to understand how we become who we are - what is genetic vs. learned?

Let's take an easy and obviously traceable example: I have green eyes. So do both of my sisters. Those are from my mom, but also courtesy of my dad who has blue eyes. Green eyes are recessive to blue, and thus my dad must be a green/blue from his parents for us to come out green. Make sense? I didn't think so.

But then there are things that aren't genetic. Learned habits if you will. Just yesterday I was talking with my dad and he mentioned that he likes to stand on one leg with the other one tucked behind his knee like a flamingo. I haven't lived at home in 10+ years, and I don't recall my dad ever standing this way...but I also stand like that. A lot. Suddenly my life makes a whole lot more sense.

Me and Popi. The Flamingoes.

One trait I know I learned from my dad is cleaning as I work. When I'm cooking I've already got most of the prep dishes done by the time dinner is ready. I can't stand a mess, especially when you have time to clean as you go. My dad does this, and thus I do this.

I have my mom to thank for my professional and organizational skills (and ultimately my Grandmother, who passed along the trait so strongly that my Aunt keeps a spreadsheet of all of the birthday cards she's sent anyone...ever.) Funnily enough my career path is quite similar to that of my mom. My parents met when she was selling radio in Steamboat. She did that for many years before going to work for herself as a headhunter. My first job out of college was as a sales coordinator for a local TV station, before leaving to sell radio myself! After a few other jobs and a few layoffs, I am now contemplating creating my own business. I guess this means it's true....ultimately we will all turn into our parents.

Lexinator - the Ciari girl future!

Other random facts about me (that you probably don't care about but I find FASCINATING): 

  • I have really low blood pressure (from my dad) 
  • I don't really sweat very much (from my mom). Good thing when you are lazy and don't feel like showering, bad thing when it's hot and you get overheated.
  • I can sleep anywhere. At any time. In fact, I just took a nap and woke back up to finish this sentence. Not sure where I got this one, but I sure am THANKFUL!
  • I have a propensity to exaggerate. Honestly I think it's just a Montana thing. Stories are just better when they are BIGGER!
  • I cannot decorate to save my life. My sisters - excellent at it. Me? Not so much. It is terrible and depressing and twins can one of you just come out here already and do my apartment for me?!?!
That's enough about me. What sorts of crazy coincidences/habits/traits do you have in common with your loved ones?

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