07 April 2013

More Mileage

It seems like only yesterday that Layla, my beloved Jetta, and I celebrated our 100,000th mile together! We've been through mostly ups (and some downs) since then, and on a recent trek to Jackson Hole we celebrated another anniversary - straight ONES baby!

111,111 oh and 111.1 miles... =) Grandpa Max came too!

In keeping with her Volkswagen tradition, Layla did not go quietly to 111,111 miles. Nope. Predictably her check engine light came on right before the 13 hour drive back to Seattle from Jackson. And prior to that she fought against a fungal infection to get to Bozeman! But I'm proud to say that with a lot of help from my Popi, we seem to have staved that off.

History: three years ago Layla flooded. Like, 3" of standing water IN the car. Gross. Turns out it was a factory recall with the drain tubes in the sunroof. I got it fixed, the dealership replaced the carpet, and all was good....

Then fast forward 2.5 years and she stunk of mold and I felt helpless. So, on my trip home my dad and I pulled the seats, ripped out the carpet and discovered the carpet padding SOAKED and STINKY. So we dried everything out, re-cleared the drain tubes, hoisted the car in the air, plugged any and all underside holes (when braking, water under the car gets thrown forward and our theory is it was getting in underneath the passenger side via a hole - boo), baked the car in the paint drying chamber, put the carpet back in, sprinkled baking powder, vacuumed it up, and finally put it back together!

Moldy, dripping carpets. YUCK!
Let's just take a look here....
Almost done! 

Fingers crossed but it's been 3 weeks and it still smells good! Thanks for the help Popi!

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