08 February 2013

Ski Porn...Aussie Style

In my last post I took you to the top of Mt. Joffre via the Aussie Coulior. Because it's just such a damn beautiful line, here's the photo for you again:

Aussie Coulior. Photo by Andrew Sullivan.

The ski descent was steep; stable; springy; SOLID! Basically one of the best backcountry runs I've ever taken. I believe I had, and this is the technical term, a "shit-eating grin" on my face the whole way down. So did Andrew and Alice.

For the descent, we took turns making turns, all the while sure to relish in the fruit of our efforts. That's really the best part about BC skiing - each turn is that much sweeter because you earned every. Single. One.

Now, as promised - Ski Porn:

About to cross into the coulior. I love that it just completely disappears below. Photo by Alice Bremner.

Making turns feels so good. Andrew showing off his excellent pole planting.

Taking a break near the top. Photo by Andrew Sullivan.

Giving it my best effort. Photo by Andrew Sullivan.

Alice getting after it. Andrew working the camera.

The aforementioned "shit-eating" grins. Photo by Alice Bremner.
Lots more fun to go!

Photo by Alice Bremner

Photo by Andrew Sullivan

I love the angles on this one! Photo by Andrew Sullivan

We bottomed out and skinned back up to the Col, where we were greeted with more wintry views, and enjoyed another 2,000' decent back to the hut. Great day.

Andrew in the shadows

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