25 February 2013


This summer I had a few quick hours in Chicago and so Grandpa Max and I did a little city exploration. Here are a few pictures from our morning in Chi-Town:

Our plane was VERY delayed leaving. Frowny Face Grandpa

I love this. Reminded me of climbing-group campfires. Only, they're pigeons.

Bean! Or apparently it's "Cloud Gate." Whatever the hell that means.

In the belly of the beast

Pretty day!

All Hail the new Bean Captain: Grandpa Max

Buckingham Fountain - one of my first memories of Chicago

More water features!

Looking toward the pier

Okay, yes, I did use colour enhancing on this photo. What?

VERY tasty food here. I highly recommend it!

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Tom said...

Nice!!! You better tell me next time you're here! See!?!? I DO read your blog ;) -Tom