07 January 2013

Sending Kelso's Way - My First 10c!

One of my goals for 2012 was to cleanly lead a 10c outside. Since my fall a few years ago I've been a hesitant leader, but thanks to my great new climbing buddy Rachel, I've quickly improved my "lead head" We traveled to El Potrero at the end of November, so it was really my last chance to go for it!

Our first day out, The Group went to The Sense of Religion Walls and put up a BUNCH of fun routes. I got to climb on a 10c, which I flashed on top rope. From then on my objective was set: Kelso's Way or the highway.

Limestone is such interesting rock
Our final day in El Potrero was gorgeous - sunny and splendid. After a few warm up routes (5.8 and 10a) I approached Kelso's to have my Way with it. I consulted the book for beta, but it said, "You'll find the crux in the thin crack at the top of the pitch." Yeaaaaaah, not super helpful. So I geared up with 14 draws and an anchor, and I was off...errr...up!

The climbing was really stellar, just as I had remembered, and after mastering the crux I was home free! I anchored in and breathed a sigh of relief, happy to have accomplished the lead clean! I used every one of those 14 draws and nearly an entire half rope length of a 70 meter rope too!

Super Stoked Face
A big thanks to my awesome and competent belayer Rachel, without whom this particular goal probably would not have happened. Thanks for inspiring me to get out of my head and get after it!

Rachel and I with the Spires in the background!
I also want to thank all the other friends on this trip! It was ridiculously fun and I really can't wait to get back there! Here are my favourite pictures of other climbering from the weekend!

Hexar reminding us why we call him Flexy.

Nicole dodging the flora and fauna

Sasha's disgusting feet - not really bloody, just red from his shoes. But trust me, they did not smell good.

Sasha (and Allen, not pictured) at the top of a 3-Pitcher

Rachel working her way up a flake

See you all next Christmas/Nicole's Birthday!!!! I hope to get a few weeks off next time! There's so much more for us to do and see!


Steve W. Weiss said...

Congrats on the send!

Rachel Farkas said...

Awww, you're very welcome! Can't wait for next season. 5.11's here we come :)