07 December 2012

Mexican Route Names

In climbing, the first person to set a route gets to name it. The names of routes can tell you almost as much about the area as about the climb. In some cases, they are related. "Blocky Bimbo" for example could be used as the name for a juggy, blocky route. Other times the names aren't related - "Show Me On the Doll Where He Touched You" - yeah probably has nothing to do with the route. Most often though, the names are dirty or crude or offer a play on words. They are coined by climbers after all.

A taste of El Potrero

Certain routes and certain places speak to me when I climb, and I instantly fell in love with El Potrero Chico, MX, while there over Thanksgiving. The Routes have been set by two men primarily, and I had the luck of meeting Magic Ed while I was down there (and Rachel and I even made his blog!). Their consistency in naming routes is apparent, as they all seem to have the same "theme", although what that theme is exactly I can't really say. I can tell you I loved all of the routes there, and was happy to cap the trip off with my first ever lead of a 10c! More on that in a later blog.

Unique to El Potrero were these fantastic hand-carved plaques to mark the more notable climbs. Here's a little taste:

With three climbing guides to choose from and countless long routes to climb, I'm very much looking forward to getting back to El Potrero and checking more fun routes off the list! See you in Dec 2013 Mexico!

Who puts a picture of beer in a climbing guide? Oh wait, that's right, Climbers do!

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