30 November 2012

Turns All Year - November!

In October I hit my goal of skiing in 12 consecutive months! Why stop there though, when the skiing is just getting good?

For November turns, I headed up to the Mt. Baker backcountry with two fellow snow enthusiasts I met at a NWAC event. NWAC is basically the bible for backcountry skiing and I was happy to help with their fundraising events - who knew I'd meet so many awesome skiers there too?

The crew assembled at 5:30am on November 18, and we were skiing by 8:30. We skinned up into the Blueberry Chutes and found stellar conditions, especially considering it's only November. Lighting was pretty terrible (what, with it dumping snow to the tune of 6" in 5 hours), so we dug a pit and found a weak layer (not visible, but definitely present) and therefore chose a more conservative line form our planned descent. 

After navigating a dicey chute, we skied 4 laps in the trees where we enjoyed plenty of pow, good coverage, and no rocks! All in all, a really fantastic day! Now if only I can find gloves that don't soak through, I'll be a happy skier!

Andrew Face Shot

So much snow! My legs are tired!

Doug pole planting like a champ

See you in December! Hoping to get a lot of skiing in with my week off for Christmas! Let me know if you're around and want to share in my adventures!

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Steve W. Weiss said...

I'll have to join you when I get up there (hopefully this season). Looks like you guys got some good coverage so far.