06 November 2012


As you all know I'm pretty BIG on countdowns and marking important milestones. And as luck would have it, today is exactly ONE YEAR from when I did this to my face:

Face, Meet Pavement: A Bicycle Tale

Obviously this is notable enough. However when you also take into account that in December, only 11 months prior, I gave myself a black eye on the other side it's an even bigger accomplishment to have made it through a year.

Punching Whistler With My Face
I was really hoping two black eyes meant I was done - I have two eyes, I blackened both of them in one year, I should be good to go, right??? But the saying goes that bad things come in 3's, so I felt the curse would only be lifted if I could make it a full year without suffering another catastrophic faceplant (as my Dad says, "Stop leading with your face!")!

*Knock on wood* that I get through the rest of today, but I'm pretty sure I've weathered this storm. The same cannot be said, however, for my fabulous coworker and friend Shanon. As proof that I am clearly a bad influence on myself and those around me, Shanon seems to have inherited my knack for accidental self-harm. Over the weekend she fell off the top of a bunk bed (volunteering at a Girl Scout Camp no less!) and broke her foot.

In three places.

According to the doctors the bones are just...floating around in there.

Gross? Absolutely! Here see for yourself!

Is that a foot, or a giant purple squid with toes?

Please join me in wishing Shanon a quick and relatively pain-free recovery!

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