19 September 2012

Heterosexual Lifepartnership

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of meeting my best friend and oft partner in crime, the world famous Miss Allison! The customary gift for 10-years is TIN, so to celebrate our Friendiversary we had a Fire and Ice party: think little red dresses and ice blue tuxedos, and beer of course, since that comes in cans (aluminum is a close relative of TIN).

HLPs - Heterosexual Life Partners. What should we do for our 20-year?

My best ladies bringing the heat (can you spot the boy in this picture - hint: he isn't born yet!?)
Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night a success! Special thanks to Sarah for loaning me the fabulous dress and to Abe, for giving us the below photobomb of the evening (and there were many to choose from).

We're just trying to cement our lifepartnership and Abe's gotta ruin it with his massive tongue

1 comment:

Allison Lee said...

haha. we can always count on abe for photobombing. We should invite him to the 20 year! Was a good time and thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!