02 August 2012

US Forest Service Seal of Awesomeness

I recently stood on the summit of stunning Mount Adams after a two day ski/hike. The weather was gorgeous - blue bird skies and clear sights to the surrounding mountains! We had views for days. I'm still pulling together pictures for a proper blog, but here are some fun ones for now.

Did you know that if you stand on the summit and show proof at the Ranger Station they'll give you a certificate? I learned this valuable information and you bet that I collected that piece of paper! Grandpa Max came too, but they didn't give him his own certificate. Boo.

Mt. Adams Climbing Adventure Certificate of Awesomness
I also picked up another goodie at the Ranger Station - a poo bag. Turns out you aren't allowed to go #2 above a certain elevation on the glacier, therefore you literally have to pack it out. The bag comes with an instruction manual, two paper bags, one of which is filled with kitty litter, and one plastic bag to hold everything together.

Read the instructions or risk...well, you know.
The other side of the instructions sheet is a Target. Yes, you read that right, it's a poo target with an X to tell you where to go. Can't picture it? Good thing I captured it on camera for you!

Aim bottom here

After completing your business (for the record: I am an excellent shot), you wrap up the target, put it in baggie number one with the kitty litter, fold and place in paper baggie number 2, then fold and place in the large plastic bag. And you're set!

I thought this whole process was pretty amusing. Hopefully you are now as enlighted as I was.

I'll leave you with more pleasant thoughts - here's the panoramic view from the summit!

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Allison Lee said...

ha thanks for wiping my vision of you pooping with a refreshing vision of the vista ;)