05 July 2012

Skiing Rainier

After my 28th birthday, I decided to start a 30 Before 30 List inspired by my friend Ginger. It lists 30 things I want to do before I turn 30, including things like: run a full marathon (which I'm signed up for!), travel to see my favourite band in concert, and eat at all the restaurants in my new neighbourhood.

I also want to ski from the summit of 3 Pacific NW volcanoes AND get in turns for 12 consecutive months. That means skiing in June! Thus - a trip up to Muir. A little training if you will.

James and Ben joined me and we had absolutely perfect weather. There's nothing better than skiing in a tank top.

Fog cleared just as we arrived

Looking back into the foggy abyss

It was warm at 9am when we set off and the mountain was shrouded in fog. Very mysterious. Luckily the fog burned off creating a pretty neat effect as we started our skin.

Skinning to the left, hiking to the right. Left lane was the fast lane!

Skinning is much faster than hiking, as I discovered on this trip. The last (and first!) time I hiked up to Muir was in 2008 (I was such a baby) and it took me a little over 5 hours to gain camp. This time, it took just under 4! I'm glad I wasn't this guy below...he was carrying his platoon-mate's gear up, as he was a double amputee and the entire platoon was trying to get him to the summit. Now that's team work.

Double the load and still faster than most

The Highway

Adams in the background - my next adventure!

For the last hour or so you can see Muir. It seems so close and yet it is still so very far.
Camp Muir - hut on the left houses climbers heading to the summit

The day was fantastic giving us clear views of some other volcanoes I'm planning to stand on/have stood on.

Adams, Helen's, Hood
Of course, Grandpa Max came with me to the summit. Spidey came too. Gpa was a little winded, but very happy to be out of the house. He got a sunburn because he wouldn't listen to me about the sunscreen (I think his hearing is going...). Oh well that's what aloe is for.

Gpa and Spidey

Tiny Bathroom Door just right for Grandpa!

Grandpa on the top of Adams

The ski down was a little sticky, but that's to be expected when you have 80 degree temperatures. In all, we had a great time and I hope to eventually ski from the summit! Or at least stand on it! Here's a little video for you. And some more pictures. Because frankly skiing in June is awesome and needs to be celebrated.

Skied down the face right
Tatoosh!!!! That's Castle Rock on the left.

Next objective - Mt. Adams! Thanks for a great day James and Ben (and Spidey and Grandpa Max!)

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Allison Lee said...

awesome! glad you're getting more skiing in thru the summer months cuz i know how bummed you were getting at shitty seattle stevens pass !