09 July 2012

July Awesomeness

Another item on my 30 Before 30 list was to go 30 days without drinking. I've done this before, and for whatever reason it was MUCH harder this time! But, I made it (kicking and screaming) and celebrated July 1st with a glass of my all time favourite beer, Iron Horse Brewery's Irish Death.

Full disclosure: I bought a case of it. What? Jere and I went climbing in Vantage and we just so happened to be driving through Ellensburg on the way back....so we stopped. Not like that was by design or anything.....

Happy Beer Face
In July, I also checked out a new restaurant, the Little Water Cantina, which not only has the best guacaMOLE I've ever had in my life, but it makes a mouth-watering Duck Confit taco which will change your life. Seriously, just go have one. Why are you still reading this - GO!

Beautiful AND delicious

To celebrate America's burfday, I spent the day reading, sunning, and yes, drinking, on a boat yacht in Lake Union. Not to brag, but it was everything you would imagine it to be and more. The last two years I've climbed in Smith Rock on the 4th, and since I'm unable to do that this year, this was a nice change of pace.

Sunshine. In Seattle. Not an optical illusion

Sweet houseboats. One of them has a slide. No I did not try it, but I did take a drink from a shotski on the roof!

Yes, that IS a giant Statue of Liberty head on Gasworks. Why? Because this is 'Merica dammit!

Best show they've done in years!

Love my camera!

And the grand finale!
Happy 'Merica Day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That taco looks amazing. I need to come out there right now :)