06 June 2012


The day after my trip to Kendall Lakes, I ventured out again with Anne and James to the Tatoosh Wilderness Range, which lies in Mt. Rainier National Park. Long drive, but the snow and views were completely worth it.

Tatoosh is full of pointy mountains
The weather was really nice - it was cloudy on and off. Clouds are a welcome companion when you're skinning and skiing - they make for more stable snow, and keep you cool and un-sunburned. The snow was a little wind/sun baked, but we were able to find some really fun stashes to do shorter laps after reaching our high point.

As you can see, it was absolutely gorgeous. I'm always taken aback at the quiet in national parks and wilderness areas. It's amazing what getting just 30 minutes away from traffic will do for a person. I recommend it.

Our skin track took us up this amazing bowl

Panorama? Not really, but I'll take it. Also, there are climbers on that face to the left.

Happy face =D

Mt. Rainier - cloud layer at about 8,000 feet.
We skied for about 6 miles total with a little over 4,000 feet elevation gained and lost. It makes for a shorter day when you start at higher elevation! Overall, a fantastic day and I'm really looking forward to skiing Mt. Rainier this summer!

A big thanks to my awesome partners! Anne has this theory that you look like you're having more fun when your mouth is open and your arms are waving - so here you go - our fun faces!

Are we having fun yet?!?!?

Until next time....

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