27 June 2012

Seeing Red

Red Mountain, out objective

One weekend in April, James and I decided to head up to Red Mountain for a little spring corn action. The route to the summit shares the start with Slot Coulior, meaning we hiked adjacent to Phantom Face and skied down close to the same route we came up. Luckily on my trip with James, I did NOT lose my helmet or have any other unfortunate incidents, although we both almost fell into a river.... James may have tossed my ski in the water on accident, but it's okay, I may have hit him in the face with my pole accidently, so these things have a way of working themselves out....All in all we had a great day! We had to boot pack the last bit to the summit (since it's steep), but the weather was decent and the snow was some of the best corn I've ever skied! Thanks Red!

Summit Self Shot

View of the Tooth from the top. Some day I plan to climb it.

James coming up the last bit. His lazy glute started acting up

Phantom Face

Spicy River Crossing

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