04 June 2012


This past weekend I got my recreation on in Anacortes, where I hung out on a boat with my friend Matt, and in Leavenworth, where I did some extreme hiking with Anne on Dirty Face. Yes, you read that right, Dirty Face Peak is an actual hike in Washington State and I dominated the crap out of it. Over 6,000 feet in 4.5ish miles? No problem.

Here are my fave pics from the weekend:

Anacortes - lovely when it isn't raining

How we do fire hydrants in 'Merica!

View from Deception Pass

Damn Anne, that's one Dirty Face you've got

Water Feature al Natural

Snow line at about 6,000 feet

No, not steep at all

We summited, time to boogie

Trust me, those faces are dirty: covered in salt and sweat (and tears)

Speaking of epic summits - I really like this very serious blog about the first ascent of The Nose on Suicide Rock. Read it. 

Have a great week everyone!

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