09 May 2012

Source Lake

March 18 was a fun day up at Source Lake. The Source Lake area is near Alpental, and feeds into the sidecountry of Alpental Ski Resort. It's also near Chair Peak, which many people will circumnavigate in one long day of touring. You can climb it in the summer, and I think I'd like to do that this year!

Heading up the valley
The skinning was interesting, as we went up a safer route in the trees to stay off open bowl, but the skin tracks had been laid in were quite steep and slick. I can definitely say that there was wallowing on my part. But, we eventually made it to the ridge that was our objective, then took 3 short laps down the back side to Source Lake before coming back out from whence we came.

Frozen Hair - a great look for me
The skiing was pretty mellow, only about a 3,000ft day in dry, fluffy snow, but as always, it was super fun!

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